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Dj, Producer 
Dark / Techno        

Born in France,
Ak has always been passionate for electronic music, s
ince the age of 15 years old.
In 1998, he started to learn deejaying on vinyl turnables & quickly 
became famous with
the Hardcore concept he created "DizZtorsion". 

In 2008, he gradually plunged into techno under the musical influences of the great label "MINUS RECORDINGS"
& Artists like Click Box, Hobo, Matador......

Has been particularly recognized for his talent in playing dark techno - his energy and personal touch make all of
his sets unique & vibrant. 

2015, he created Badaboom Concept & often organizes successfull events and garden partys in France, Belgium.
Since nearly one year, he improves his production skills on Ableton Push and has already a few full finished tracks available for listening on his Soundcloud.

Ak has also already played besides recognized artists Mark Broom, Gary Beck, Massaar, Ode Maen, Johns Sparks and many more 
in famous
clubs such as:

Event Walk (Loppem), Reality (Sint-Lievens-Esse), Decadance (Gent), Lagoa (Menen), Bocca (Destelbergen), Boccaccio Beach (Oostende), Kings Club (Aalst), OJ'S (Gent), Babylon After Club (Zevergem), Punch (Avelgem), Club Sioux (Gent), Club Pazzo (Lokeren), Club Elegance (Lokeren), Club D-Tox (Denderleuw), Club Infinity (Gent), Club Tijuana (Gent), Popcorn Music (Roeselare), l'Amazonial (Ingelmunster), le Fil de l'Eau (Doornik).

Vamos Club (Bertry), Club Doos (Annezin-les-Béthune)

Concept47, Private Walk, Badaboom, Badaboom Garden, Dekoda, Our House, Happy Insane, The Joker, Nanotek.

Libéllule Radio (Belgium) 
MixOne Radio w
e can make U dance (Argentina)

Dj Ak, Unique, Powerful, Evolution / Dark Techno Music



Tech House / Dark / Techno   
Playing music for 10 years, TeeKeeWee is an artist guided by strong passion.

As she's curious, open-minded and spontaneous, her music sounds like her singular personality. Crossing between deep & tech house, progressive and techno, her dark sensiblity expresses itself in her own way: tribal rythms, mindfull melodies and unexpected musical influences. She decided to dedicate herself to her passion a few years ago, and, also paying hudge attention to sound's quality, she spends time to improve her knowledge on many kinds of mixing tools and music instruments. Then BADABOOM too, and regularly plays in belgium clubs for special events.

Event Walk (Loppem), Balmoral (Gentbrugge), Reality (Sint-Lievens-Esse), Decadance (Gent), OJ'S (Gent), D-TOX (Denderleuw), Bocca (Destelbergen), Babylon After Club (Zevergem), Punch (Avelgem), Club Tijuana (Gent), Barcy Cosy (Mouscron).

Vamos Club (Bertry), Mix Club (Bully les Mines), Club Doos (Annezin-les-Béthune)
Badaboom, Badaboom Garden, Private Walk, Influence

MixOne Radio we can make U dance (Argentina)


Fred C

Dj, Producer
Techno / Industrial

In half way of mixing and live performance, Fred C is in perpetual renewal.
He have performing in France, Belgium, Germany, Dubaï...
Influenced by Sam Paganini, Len Faki, Johannes Heil, Francois X, Emmanuel...
He have played with Mark Broom, Marcel Fengler, Clouds, Roman Poncet, Madben, Ortim Cam...
He provide a sweetness and powerfull techno that you don't forget. 

He played in famous clubs such as 

Belgium: Event Walk (Loppem), H2O (Pecq), la Bush (Pecq).

France: le Larm (Valenciennes), Club Doos (Annezin-les-Béthune), Tremplin (Noeux les Mines), Etik (Lille).

Festival: Kazantip, Electrolibre festival.

Concept: Private Walk, Badaboom.


Techno / Progressive

French DJ, at the age of 13 he was quickly influenced by electronic music.

Passionate about techno sounds and Belgian clubs, he wanted to deepen his passion by mixing in vinyls since 2012, where he immediately found his style.

Its sources of inspiration come mainly from the Belgium like: Phi Phi, Franck Biazzi, CP, Mickeal Forzza ...And for the international : Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth ...

He played in famous clubs such as 

Belgium: Event Walk (Loppem), Decadance (Gent), Club 386 (Erquelinnes), H2o (Pecq), Barsy Cozy (Mouscron), QG (Tournai).

France: Moog (Lille), Vamos (Bertry), Mix Club (Bully les mines).